The Art Of Choosing Zoom Jewellery - Dress To Impress. 
We are currently living in unprecedented times, where normal life has been turned on its head thanks to the Covid-19 virus. As such, the way we do things has had to be rethought and that includes how we conduct our professional lives. Instead of holding face to face meetings, we now have to consider the health aspects of such and this is where Zoom comes into play. For those who have not heard of Zoom, it is a social and communication application that offers video-calling and instant messaging for large groups of people, so is ideal for corporate use. With many more people having to work from home these days, Zoom provides the means to communicate with your fellow workers via a video link. 
Power dressing has always played a role in the professional lives of some and probably had its heyday in the 1980s, when shoulder pads, big hair and mobile phones the size of house bricks were de rigueur. However, to a certain extent, it is still alive and well, but has maybe had to be pared back a bit to suit the present social distancing requirements. However, this does not mean to say that there is no opportunity to present yourself in a unique and memorable way and that is where “Zoom jewellery” comes into its own. 
Now, as ever, it is important to appear professional but not stuffy. One can still be chic and stylish without stifling one’s character. Wearing jewellery has always been a way of showing your individuality and sense of style, so why let video conference calls spoil that? For some, working from home offers the welcome chance to dress down, wearing comfortable track suit bottoms and a baggy jumper instead of a smart shirt and suit. However, for those who are engaged in a lot of Zoom meetings and/or have managerial positions, dressing down is not always an option. However, a striking tie pin or pair of cufflinks, an attractive sparkly brooch or statement necklace can add a touch of interest to an otherwise rather formal work ensemble. 
Such pieces can also help to break the ice if you are not used to video-conferencing, as they provide an opportunity for polite compliments from other members of the conference link who happen to admire your choice of accessories. More importantly, they can provide a way of standing out from the crowd, for example, the now famous Anna Wintour chunky layered Georgian crystal necklace, Jackie Onassis pearls and Liz Taylor diamonds. 
Whilst most people’s budgets do not match those of the above-named celebrities, there is no reason not to make your mark and Zoom jewellery provides you with that opportunity. For example, what could be more eye catching than this big, bold vintage Vendome satellite brooch in gorgeous autumn berry colours? 
If you like Anna Wintour style necklaces, then this vintage waterfall necklace made from oval faceted closed back citrine rhinestones would make the same impact at a more affordable price. 
Or perhaps a sassy pair of mid-century molded glass, Gripoix Moghul style clip on earrings in bright colours? 
However, if statement bracelets are your thing, then how about this stunning mid-century vintage blue aurora borealis rhinestone clamper bracelet? 
Perhaps you are a fan of pearl chokers, in which case, let this fully customisable Swarovski pearl choker do the talking for you. Available in any colour to suit your chosen outfit. 
Have fun and make your mark with handmade and vintage Zoom jewellery! 
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