What Advantages Does Vintage Have Over New?  
Good question indeed! For many people, vintage items evoke strong memories of a bygone age where glamour and sophistication were the byword. For others, vintage opens the door to days gone by when life was much simpler and less cluttered when compared with our lives today. 
For some, it is the history attached to a specific item which holds their interest. After all, each vintage item has at least 20 years’ history attached to it. Who has used or worn this item before? What were they like? Where did they live? What sort of lives did they lead? Were they rich and famous? Or, indeed, infamous? These are the sort of questions that one ponders when considering a vintage piece. 
Then there is, of course, the question of quality. With so many mass produced items for sale in the marketplace today, vintage items are a very attractive and original alternative. They also, for the most part, compare quite favourably pricewise with their more modern day equivalents. 
Another huge attraction that vintage has over new is the sustainable living aspect of it. In this eco-conscious, carbon footprint era, what better way to help the planet and civilisation, but to eschew buying brand new items and embracing the rich treasure trove of existing vintage and antique pieces. 
Above all, it is the sheer magic and charm of vintage which attracts so many and, let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little extra magic and glamour in their lives these days? 
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